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Lending regulations

Who can borrow?
The University Library of Stavanger (UBiS) is an academic library. Borrowing privileges are granted to any person over the age of 16.

A valid ID must be shown in order to get a library card. The card is personal and can’t be used by others. Patrons are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the university library regulations before using the library card.

The UiS student card functions as a library card. Students change their address in StudentWeb, while other patrons contact the library.

Loan period
The loan period for books, theses, films, journals, etc is three weeks. The loan period for sheet music is six weeks.

All loans from the university library are automatically renewed, unless they are requested by other patrons or the maximum hold time of 4 months has been reached. 

Interlibrary loans are not automatically renewed. These may be renewed from Oria

Overdue loans which can't be renewed must be returned as soon as possible. Overdue loans may cause overdue fines and compensations claims.

Ordering loans and copies
Patrons may collect available materials from the shelves. Material on loan may be requested. Books and articles not available at our own library can be requested from other libraries. This service is provided free of charge to students and staff at UiS. Students from other universities may request interlibrary loan of books. Articles must be requested from their own learning institution. 

Borrowers responsibility
Patrons are personally responsible for all materials borrowed. Sublending is not allowed.

Loss of borrowing rights
Borrowing rights may be lost if the patron fails to uphold the library regulations.