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Creating citations accurately and effectively

Session description:

Do you think EndNote looks too complicated, but still want to get your references in order? This session introduces you to how you can easily cite sources in-text and create a correctly formatted reference list.


Target audience: All students who will be writing papers

Prior knowledge: It is helpful to have participated in a search methods course or have a basic understanding of using the library’s databases to find resources

Teaching method: Lectures and practice

Equipment: Bring your own laptop

Registration: Yes

Length of session: 1 ½ hours


After attending the session, you should:

  • Know what a citation is and be aware of different types of references
  • Add correct in-text citations in your paper
  • Create a correctly formatted reference list at the end of your paper
  • Be aware of and able to use the citation feature in Oria, databases and other relevant websites
  • Be aware of and able to use the Citation Compass website
  • Be aware of the citation and bibliography feature in Word