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Data Lab

The newest edition to the University Library!

  • Picture of furniture in the Data Lab
    Heavy and comfortable furniture is in line with the style of the room.
  • Picture of tables and chairs in the Data Lab
    The Data Lab will be used for classes and workshops.
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    The guardians of the room are always awake.
  • Picture of a group study room in the Data Lab
    The group study rooms in the Data Lab are quite unique.
  • Picture of several group study rooms in the Data Lab
    The Data Lab has a wide range of group study rooms and reading spaces.

What is the Data Lab?

The Data Lab is a brand new room on the second floor in Kjølv Egelands hus (Campus Ullandhaug) right above the cafeteria. This is a part of the University Library’s development within digitalization and data management. Another part of this is an extension of our existing classes with brand new workshops. These workshops will focus on handling big data in an efficient way using different softwares. The Data Lab’s grand opening was on February 18th - 22nd 2019.



The University Library has always provided tools for the gathering and systematization of information and data, and we are now expanding both our premises and our courses with the Data Lab. The Data Lab reflects the university strategy to increase the digital competence of the students. The concept is “Bring Your Own Device”, where the participants bring their own PC or Mac and use the tools they already have at their disposal.


Using the Data Lab

In modern society it is increasingly important to be able to gather, manage and understand big data. Therefore, the University Library will offer the students introduction workshops in different software programs used for analyzing and visualizing data, like NVivo, Tableau, SPSS and Adobe InDesign. We will of course also continue our classes in academic searching and writing, EndNote, Zotero, reference management and LaTeX.

The workshops will be at an introduction level, and are meant to inspire the participants to continue working with data management on their own. This way we hope the students will be better prepared for working with their own data in other projects, e.g. in their bachelor’s and master’s thesis. The skills they learn will also be very valuable when they are entering the job market.

The workshops are open for all students, Phd candidates and staff that wants an introduction to the software in question. .

We want the Data Lab to be a much used space, with the following opportunities for teaching and learning:

  1. Staff from the University Library arranging workshops
  2. Students with interest and experience in a certain software teaching fellow students
  3. Staff at the University that wants to arrange workshops of their own


A venue for events

In addition to being a learning space for data management, the Data Lab also provides a room for suiting events. The space is a little under 200 square meters and can, on a day-to-day basis, provide seating for about 70 people.

Would you like to book the Data Lab? Please contact us at or talk to University Librarian Linn Elise Gulliksen (


A creative space

The Data Lab is suitable for small and large groups working together. The students are free to use the room when it is not booked for classes or events. The room is supposed to be a meeting area that inspires creativity, quriosity and innovation. The Data Lab will give students more study places to choose from. This is going to be a popular study space for the students.

Welcome to the Data Lab!

(Photo: Mari Hult)