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Literature Search

Learn how to find and consider relevant research for you paper. Get useful tips for searching and how to acquire scientific literature. The content of the class can be adjusted to fit a target audience.

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How to find scientific reaserach for your paper

The resources you choose as the theoretical groundwork for your paper has great 
impact on the final result. How can you be certain that your own research builds on 
new and reliable research? And where can you find quality checked literature? 

This workshop gives you knowledge and skills that makes you able to find up to date literature within your field of research. You will learn where and how to find it. In addition, you get to freshen up your memory regarding citing and how to make
a proper list of references.  

Target audience: bachelor- and master students at UiS
Equipment: Bring your own laptop 
Teaching Method: Workshop 
Prior knowledge: It is a great advantage to know how to search in Oria and to
have basic computer skills 

After the class you should know: 

  • How to find scientific research for your thesis 

  • The difference between various scientific sources such as books, 
    chapters in books with editor and articles  

  • How to plan and pursue a thorough literature search  

  • How to use various searching techniques 

  • How to develop useful keywords 

  • About relevant databases and where to find these  

  • About The citation compass and have basic knowledge about
    citing and references