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Overwhelmed by large amounts of non-numerical data? NVivo is a great tool if you need to sort through qualitative data such as interviews, surveys, articles or data from social media. NVivo can help you structure your data analysis process, and help you work more efficient.

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Introduction to NVivo

This workshop will go through the basic functions of NVivo. You will get to know the user interface and learn how to import different kinds of data. You will learn different methods of coding, and how to use the coding to make various queries. We will also go through how you can visualize your data.

Target audience: students and staff at UiS
Equipment: Your own laptop with NVivo installed
Teaching method: Workshop
Prior knowledge needed: Non, but prior knowledge about research method and design is recommended.

After the class you should know:

  • How to start a new project
  • The user interface of NVivo and how to utilise it
  • How to import different files into NVivo
  • Different ways of coding your data
  • How to transcribe in NVivo
  • How to make notes and comments
  • Simple data visualization