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Academic Writing Workshop

This workshop is for students who are going to write a master’s thesis. The content is adapted based on input from the subject instructor or students. During the workshop, students will have sufficient opportunity to ask questions and receive individual guidance.

Target audience: Master's students

Prior knowledge: Not required

Teaching method: Workshop

Equipment: Paper and pencil or laptop

Registration: Yes

Length of session: 1½  - 2 hours


Here are some topics and activities that can be relevant:

  • Develop an outline
  • Move from a topic to a research question
  • Develop good writing habits
  • Establish a good writing process
  • Get started/avoiding writer’s block (Shut up and write, Pomodoro, etc.)
  • Connect ideas/develop good coherence (transition words and signal phrases)
  • Practice direct and indirect quotations
  • Plagiarism quiz
  • Planning and time management
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get answers