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Manual configuration of Eduroam

Some devices many need a manual configuration of Eduroam.

User guides on how to connect can be found here.

To download the security certificate, click here.

Configuration information for UiS students and employees that uses other operating systems than the user guide describes:

  • Autentisering: IEEE 802.1X / IEEE 802.i11
  • EAP type: TTLS eller PEAP
  • Tunnellert autentiseringsprotokoll: (TTLS or PEAP): MS-CHAPv2
  • Sertifikater: CA offentlig sertifikat.
  • BrukerID: Fullt navn, brukernavn@realm
  • WLAN SSID: eduroam
  • Kryptering (WLAN): TKIP (WPA) eller AES (WPA2)
  • IP adresse: DHCP