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Wireless network

Eduroam is the name of the wireless network provided by UiS for students and employees.

Try the three alternatives in the order they are listed below.

Alternative 1:

Most newer devices will connect to eduroam this way.

Search for the wireless network `eduroam` and select Connect (Connect).
You will see a dialog box asking for a username and password.
Username is your
Password is your UiS-password.
You will be asked to approve certificate from UiS radius servers or and you must approve these.

Alternative 2:

Automatic setup using Eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool):

  • Go to or go to and select your institution “University of Stavanger”
  • Click on eduroam user: Download your eduroam installer and select your institution “University of Stavanger”.
  • Click Download your eduroam installer. You may select All platforms to locate your operating systems (MS Windows, Apple,Linux, etc.).
  • When prompted to open or store the eduroam installer file, click “Run” on the eduroam installer file. Press “Next” and follow the wizard.
  • When prompted, enter your username ( and your UiS password.

  • Once the installation is finished, ensure that the connection works by visiting a location on campus that offers the eduroam network.


If you experience any problems or the CAT fails to run, it’s possible that you lack appropriate permissions to run it, or that it doesn’t support your current configuration. If this occurs, you can always manually configure the connection using the manual configuration instructions.


Alternative 3:

Manual connection using our setup manual for multiple operating and mobile systems. You will find more information about eduroam and different setup manuals here

Wireless network for guests
UiS has a wireless network available for guests: How to connect to the guest network.

IT regulations and eduroam policy

When using Eduroam you are subject to UiS-IT regulations and Eduroam policy. If you connect to eduroam at another organization, you are also subject to this organizations IT regulations. Similarly, visitors from other organizations are subject to UiS-IT regulations in addition to the regulations that apply for their own organization. While using Eduroam they commit to make themselves familiar with the current regulations.

IT regulations and Eduroam policy can be found here: