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Partner in the MAROFF programme

The Centre for Innovation Research is partner in the MAROFF programme granted to The University of Nordland.

Professor Odd Jarl Borch is granted a new research project, and Tatiana Iakovleva at the Centre for Innovation Research is partner in this project. The Innovation Programme MAROFF supports research and knowledge-building that will contribute to innovation and environmental value creation in the maritime industries in Norway.

The programme's main objectives and thematic prioritiesMAROFF will help realize the Government's maritime strategy for the promotion of innovation and environmental value creation in the maritime industries. The program will contribute to maritime companies and research institutions development of their knowledge advantage, and supports projects that are oriented towards the research challenges that are necessary to achieve the three key innovation areas:

  • Environment
  • Advanced transport and logistics
  • Environment-friendly demanding maritime operations.

The designated areas are chosen because they both can give rise to new business opportunities for Norwegian players, besides that they largely build on specialized expertise and experience that exists within the Norwegian maritime industry.

Please read more about the MAROFF programme here.

Professor Odd Jarl Borch from The University of Nordland is also professor II at the UiS Business School and the Centre for Innovation Resarch.

The project title is:


The project emphasizes the operational logistics challenges of oil and gas activity in Arctic waters. We contribute to the development of value chain-integrated business process management models that may increase logistics quality, efficiency and safety in high turbulent maritime contexts.

The partners within this project will through collection of data, prototyping and active experimentation develop state of the art knowledge on risk and business process management systems matching operational logistics challenges and vessel technology demands in three different geographic settings (The North Sea, The Barents Sea (Low Arctic) and ice covered waters (High Arctic). The focus will be on three categories of offshore service vessels: supply (PSV), achor-handling (AHTS) and stand by (ERRV) providing logistics, towing, ice management and SAR duties for oil and gas
exploration expeditions.

Our scientific ambition is to contribute to knowledge that may reduce risk and to increase the competitive advantage of the ship owners following innovative strategies in new challenging market arenas.Data is collected through a broad range of sources including interviews throughout the value chain, and participant observation studies within the chosen operational settings.