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Networks and agreements

The University of Stavanger is obliged to have agreements with or be a member of a network of educational institutions.

In Norwegian there is only one word, utveksling, which in English can mean exchange and study abroad.

For such agreements, the idea is to have reciprocal exchanges between students. Students travelling under these agreements are exempt from paying tuition fees.

Examples: Erasmus+ and Nordplus

Study abroad
We often have study abroad agreements with educational institutions with which it is difficult to achieve a balanced exchange, or in countries with very high tuition fees. Students travelling under such agreements must pay tuition fees to the host educational institution.

Examples: Great Britain, Australia, USA and Candada 

In some instances, we have a combination of these two agreements. All these details can be found in the description of the specific university/university college. When in doubt, please contact the international office.

Bilateral agreements includes all agreements entered into with partners outside the Erasmus+ and Nordplus exchange programmes.