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Become a Student Exchange Ambassador

In your capacity as an exchange student you can be a Student Exchange Ambassador and acquire even more benefits from your overseas exchange.

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Student Exchange Ambassadors share their experiences about their exchanges.

Spending one semester at a university abroad is a fantastic opportunity for developing your intercultural understanding and academic expertise. In your capacity as a Student Exchange Ambassador you would share the experiences you acquire both during and after your exchange visit. In this way you can help other students who would like to go on an exchange visit and who might have the same questions as you did. 


What does a Student Exchange Ambassador do?

Being an ambassador is all about telling other students what your exchange was like. More specifically your ambassadorial duties would include the following:

Creating three blog entries about your exchange. These would be published on the blog.

Attending one event after you return home. For example, an information meeting for students, standing on a podium or something similar. 

How do I become an ambassador?

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences who will be going on an exchange visit can report their interest in becoming a Student Exchange Ambassador. The registration form can be found here.


Is there anything you would like to know about being a Student Exchange Ambassador?

Please do not hesitate to contact your study consultant or the Pro-Dean for Education – e-mail.

What is the Student Exchange Ambassador project?

During the spring of 2019 the first Student Exchange Ambassadors from the Faculty of Social Sciences went on an exchange visit. We have learnt a lot from the University of Bergen which has had Student Exchange Ambassadors for several years. Under this project students at the Faculty of Social Sciences have the opportunity to gain extra benefits from their overseas exchange by becoming Student Exchange Ambassadors.