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Grant payments

Good grant schemes make choosing Erasmus+ as a mobility programme attractive.

All students who go on a student exchange to an educational institution with which UiS has an Erasmus+ agreement get an Erasmus+ grant. The grant is given automatically, and the students to whom this applies will receive information directly from the International Office.

Scholarship Erasmus 2018/2019

  • €460 per month for Denmark, Finland, Iceland,  Ireland,  Liechtenstein, Luxembourgh, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • € 410 per month for other countries.

Students on traineeships receive an extra €100 per month.

Most of the grant will be paid at the start of the semester while the rest of the grant (at least one month's grant) will be withheld until the end of the exchange.

What requirements are there?

  • Grant agreement

Payment of the grant will be regulated by a grant agreement which is entered into between UiS and the individual student. The agreement must be completed and signed before the grant can be paid.

  • Confirmation that insurance has been taken out

It must be confirmed in the grant agreement that insurance has been taken out for the exchange. The insurance company name and policy number must be provided.

  • Language proficiency test

Students who will be studying in English or certain other European languages must complete an Online Linguistic Support (OLS) language level test both before and after the exchange. Read more about language support. Students who get C2 in the first test prior to departure are exempted from taking the test after the exchange.

  • Submitting a report

Following the exchange, the student must provide a report which is sent to the students automatically from Mobility Tool-

  • Confirmation of the duration of the exchange

As the grant is paid per day of the exchange, confirmation of the duration of the exchange from the host educational institution must be provided by the end of the exchange.