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Erasmus+ traineeship

Erasmus+ also gives you the opportunity to go abroad for a period of work experience. This scheme gives you a unique opportunity to make international contacts and broaden your knowledge.

Who– what – where – when
Erasmus+ mobility for traineeships in Europe is an offer for all students regardless of the speciality or the study programme. You can choose to travel while doing your degree or as a graduate during the year after finishing your degree. As an Erasmus+ trainee, you will receive a grant for travel and living expenses.

The purpose of Erasmus+ mobility for traineeships is to acquire practical skills and gain a better understanding of the financial and cultural aspects of the host country. It also gives you unique opportunities to build networks and gain international experience that will benefit you as a job seeker in the work market.

An Erasmus+ traineeship can last from 2-12 months. You can be an Erasmus student several times, but only once per education cycle (bachelor, master, PhD). If you have already been on an Erasmus+ student exchange programme abroad, you can still go on a traineeship within the same cycle.

Financial conditions– grant rates for 2018-2019
You will receive a grant of €560 per month for traineeships in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and United Kingdom. You will receive a grant of €510 per month for traineeships in other European countries.

An Erasmus+ grant can generally be combined with other forms of suppor, like otherscholarships and \ grants from both public and private donors.

An Erasmus+ traineeship as part of your education
If you would like to go on an Erasmus+ traineeship as part of your education, it is important to get this approved in advance by the department that is offering this study programme. Speak with your student adviser if possible about what you need to do. For some study programmes, typically nursing and social studies, traineeships have already been presented in the summary of options for exchange programmes.

Erasmus+ traineeships for graduates
It is also possible to go on an Erasmus+ traineeship after you have completed your education, in the following study year. Your department does not have to approve this. You should apply for the grant before graduating from UiS and the traineeship has to take place within 12 months after graduating.

UiS agreements for practical students
UiS would like to enter into agreements with selected institutions/organisations that offer traineeships, but for now students have to find traineeships on their own.

Overview of traineeships in Europe
Many companies and institutions offer trainee places for European students on Erasmus+ scholarships. See overview of useful links on the left.

How to apply?
Please contact the International Office for more information: Please note that a Learning Agreement for traineeships has to be filled out and signed by the traineeship provider. You need to submit your application before graduation.