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One of our goals is that students with various disabilities are able to take part in an Erasmus+ exchange programme. The international office would like to facilitate student exchanges for this student group.

Students with disabilities or a chronic disease often do not have the same opportunities as others to participate in exchange programmes. Erasmus+ is focused on ensuring that all students have the opportunity to go on a student exchange. Like other universities and university colleges that participate in Erasmus+, the University of Stavanger is committed to assisting people with special needs or disabilities.

Support schemes

  • The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

You can apply to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund for extra support to cover additional expenses incurred in connection with the student exchange

  • Extra Erasmus+ grant

The Erasmus supplementary grant is for students with disabilities who require adaptations. Funding of up to 100% to cover all types of additional expenses that are not covered by aids/support that the student needs to bring when travelling abroad. It is the student's home institution that applies for the funds. The application must include a doctor's certificate. The grant is paid either as a fixed monthly sum or as documented expenses. (

  • SIU (The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education)

The University of Stavanger can apply for extra funds from SIU. These funds shall cover extra expenses that are NOT covered by public funds/support for things that the student needs to bring when travelling abroad.

  • The Stiftelsen Sophies Minde foundation

Stiftelsen Sophies Minde provides a grant that is earmarked for physically-disabled students doing a bachelor's or master's degree. The grant can also be awarded in connection with a student exchange. The purpose of the grant is to help more students with physical disabilities go on to higher education, and also make it easier to do so.

Help and advice from the international office
The international office will facilitate all students who would like to go on a student exchange. If you have a health problem or physical disabilities and are unsure how to arrange to go on a student exchange, please contact the international office for help and advice with the process.