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Apply for final approval

It is important that you apply for final approval of a period of study abroad when you return.

Transcript of grades
Before returning to Norway, you are responsible for obtaining a valid transcript of grades for exams that you have sat at the host educational institution and/or confirmation of the traineeship. Sometimes you can get this documentation before leaving. Alternatively, it will be forwarded to your address in Norway.

Some of the educational institutions we work with will send a transcript of your grades directly to the International Office. In such cases, we forward the transcript of your grades directly to your department which will send you a confirmation email.

Application for final approval
You will find the application for final approval in Digital student service desk.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact person at your department at the University of Stavanger receives a transcript of your grades or confirmation of the traineeship in good time so that the student exchange can be formally approved. You will not be issued with a certificate until this approval is in place.

How will the student exchange be shown on the certificate?
A period of study abroad will be shown on the certificate where recognised courses from other educational institutions will be listed. The name of the courses that have been completed will be listed, but how this is done varies somewhat depending on the institution. Grades from foreign educational institutions will not be converted to the Norwegian grading scale.

For subsequent job applications or an application for admission to other programmes, you should include the transcript of your grades from the foreign educational institution together with the certificate from UiS.