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Applying for approval means that you must submit a plan for the courses/programme of study you would like to do abroad before you start your semester abroad.

What to apply for
When searching for courses at the university of university college, you must search for courses that can replace courses that are part of the syllabus at UiS for the relevant semester (30 ECTS credits per semester).

Nursing and social work students who go on practical plecement will be assisted by their academic advisor at their respective department to find relevant areas of practice that satisfy the requirements of these study programmes.

The pre-approval is your guarantee that your period of study abroad will embedded in your degree at UiS.

Approval and the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
Approval is also a prerequisite for being able to apply to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund for financial assistance for a period of study abroad. Please note that the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund requires you to be a full-time student during this period of study abroad. For shorter periods of study, fewer credits may apply.

When to apply
Responsibility for applying for pre-approval in due time before travelling abroad lies with the individual student. It could take up to three weeks to have the application processed. 

Some departments may invite study abroad applicants to pre-approval workshops. The departments could also set a deadline for submitting the application.

Who is responsible for finding relevant courses?
Responsibility for finding a relevant courses at your chosen university mainly lies with the individual student. UiS would like the students to have the opportunity to base the programme of study on their field of interest instead of having ready-made packages available from all universities/university colleges.

Any questions of an academic nature should be directed to the department to which you belong. If you travel without an agreement (read: as a "free mover") you must also include a description of the credits system at the university to which you are applying.

To whom should the application be sent?
You will find the application in Digital student service desk.  

NB! You can submit more than one application for approval if you have applied for exchanges to several universities/university colleges, but your department reserves the right not to process more than one application unless your first application is rejected.

Approval is sent electronically by the University of Stavanger to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund when the application has been granted. You will know that your application has been processed when you receive a formal reply in the post from your department/faculty.

What should you do upon returning to UiS?
When you have completed your period of study abroad and sat the exams, you must request a transcript of your grades from your universitiy/university college. This should be submitted to your department/faculty together with an application for final approval for part of a programme of study undertaken abroad.

More information about final approval.