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Student Guidance and Follow-up

The International Office offers guidance to students who would like to go on exchange programmes abroad to universities and university colleges that UiS has exchange agreements with. Students who have applied to go on an exchange will also be followed up by a dedicated member of staff at the International Office.

Prior to attending a student guidance appointment, you are expected to have familiarised yourself with information on the website.

Student guidance at the International Office
Please contact the International Office if you have any practical questions regarding a period of study abroad:

  • Travel semesters and recommended educational institutions
  • Application form and deadlines
  • The application process
  • Grants, loans and tuition fees
  • Need for adaptations

You can find us on the third floor of Kitty Kiellands hus.
A student guidance appointment can be booked at:

Tutorials in your department
You can contact your student adviser and/or academic co-ordinator if you have questions related to a period of study abroad. You will find the name of the student adviser and/or co-ordinator in your study programme under "Where and when can I go?". Your student adviser can help you if you have questions related to:

  • Academic approval of courses
  • The syllabus and elective courses
  • Changes to the individual education plan
  • Delay in study progress
  • Recommended semester abroad

Follow-up during the application process
After you have applied to go on an exchange, you will be assigned a contact person at the International Office who will assist you with the application process.

At an early stage in the process, you will be invited to a compulsory information meeting for all applicants at the International Office where staff will go through the application process. This meeting will be a good opportunity to ask questions and meet the other students who will be going to the same university.