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Apply to go on an exchange!

Below you'll find a step-by-step guide that will help you through the application process. Throughout the process you'll have one member of staff from International Office helping you out and guiding you through the process

From thinking about it to applying

  1. Find out where (country) and when (which semester) can you go during your study programme
  2. Apply to the international office within the set deadlines (1 February/1 September)
  3. Apply to your department for approval of the courses you intend to undertake whilst abroad
  4. Get your nomination from International Office and send the application to our partner university abroad

From confirmation of admission to going abroad
When you have received confirmation of admission from our partner university

  1. Apply for housing
  2. Apply for a visa if necessary. Some countries may also require a health certificate and/or a police certificate
  3. Granted you are eligible, apply to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund ("LĂ„nekassen") for financial  support during your stay abroad
  4. Take out private insurance to cover your stay abroad (this is highly recommended).
  5. If you have student visa to Norway and are going to renew the visa before you go on exchange, remenber to write in the application that you are also registered students at UiS whilst abroad and that you pay your semester fee to UiS while you are on exchange.