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Application forms and deadlines

The application process begins in the semester before you intend going on a student exchange. You can find out more about deadlines and get application forms here.

The deadline for applying to the international office for student exchanges

Travelling during the Spring semester
1 September

Travelling during the Autumn semester
1 February

The application deadlines are final and are independent of the day of the week.

NB! Special arrangements apply for students of the following departments: The Department of Health Studies (nursing), the Department of Social Studies and the Faculty of Performing Arts - see more information below.

How to apply
The application has to be registered in Søknadsweb, which will open about one month before the application deadline each semester. Up to five educational institutions can be entered in the electronic application form in order of priority. It is only possible to apply for an exchange to educational institutions with which UiS has an exchange agreement. Check carefully that you satisfy any formal requirements.

After submitting your application you will receive confirmation that your application was received and further information about the process by email. Students who have received higher education in other educational institutions either in Norway or abroad are asked to immediately submit documentation for this education in English.

Talk to the student adviser of your department if you would like to go on a student exchange, but there are no recommended educational institutions in your study programme.

Application for pre-approval of a period of study abroad for your department

Please make sure to apply for pre-approval in due time before travelling abroad. It could take up to three weeks for your department to process the application. 

Detailed information about the approval.

Application for final approval following a period of study abroad

When you have completed your period of study abroad and sat the exam, you must request a grade transcript from the foreign educational institution. This should be submitted to your department/faculty together with an application for final approval of part of a programme of study taken abroad (form in the right column).

Detailed information about the approval.

Special arrangements for some student groups:

Bachelor's degree programme in nursing

When you apply:

  1. Send the application to the International Office. The application form is available 1  month before the deadline in SøknadsWeb
  2. Upload in SøknadsWeb the following documents in your application:
    - Motivation Letter where you write why you wish to go on an exchange (around 1 A4 page)
    - English version of Transcript of Record from all higher instituttional education besides UiS
    - English transcript from High School (Certificate of Upper Secondary Education) (If you do not have the grade 4 in English, then you need to take an English test. IELTS)
    - Confirmation of Good Conduct. (Politiattest)
    NB! Students who do not complete the application with the above documentation does not have the right to have their application processed.


Students in the Department of Social Studies must submit a paper application in addition to the electronic application. Forms can be downloaded from the column on the right and submitted to the academic co-ordinator at the Department of Social Studies. NB! The submission deadline for paper forms is 1 June for exchanges for the following Spring semester.

Students at the Faculty of Performing Arts should NOT submit electronic application to the international office. This student group should use the forms for and abide by the deadlines for their department. Application information for the Faculty of Performing Arts.