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Resit and deferred examinations

A resit/deferred exam is an opportunity for students who have failed or been absent from an exam to retake the exam without having to wait for a whole year. Resits/deferred exams are linked to the ordinary exams. You must have registered for an exam during the ordinary examination period in order to be eligible for resits.

The following candidates can register for resits/deferred exams:

  • Candidates with a valid reason for absence during the ordinary exams. Valid reasons are illness or other circumstances beyond the candidate's control. This has to be documented by a doctor's certificate or similar documentation.
  • Candidates who failed their ordinary exam
  • Candidates who withdrew from the exam during their last ordinary exam

The candidates can register for resits/deferred exams on the Student Web once the exam results from the ordinary exams have been announced.

The deadline for registration for resits is August 1st for resits/deferred exams for the Spring term examinations and January 20th for resits/deferred exams for the Autumn term examinations.

Registration for resits/deferred exams for exams occuring outside of the ordinary examination periods takes place via the Student Web as soon as the result has been announced, and no later than 3 weeks after announcement.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to registering for resits/deferred exams (pdf).

The following candidates do not have the right to present themselves for resits/deferred exams:

  • Candidates who have passed their exams
  • Candidates who have failed to present themselves for the ordinary exams without a valid, documented reason
  • Candidates who have not registered for the ordinary exams
  • Candidates who have registered, but who have cancelled their exam registration within the deadline

These candidates have to register for the next ordinary exam.