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Registration for and withdrawal from an exam

How do I sign up for my exams? How do I withdraw from an exam? In this section you will find the answers to this as well as other relevant questions.

The right to trial
Students who are admitted to a defined course of study at the university are entitled to sit the exams for the particular courses. Each students education plan will contain a list of which courses are included. In order to sit the examination you must have a valid admission and a right to study. You can register for re-examination when the grading for a course is available. The examination results will be announced on the StudentWeb no later than 3 weeks after an examination. You can register for the new / postponed examinations in oral examinations as soon as your grade is published on the StudentWeb.

The following students do not have a the right to sit an examination:
• Students on leave
• Students who have completed the study program
• Students who are barred due to cheating
• Students who have not completed semester registration and / or student payment within specified deadlines
• Students who have used up the number of attempts

Number of attempts
A student has the right to sit an examination in the same subject or module three times. For supervised practice it is only possible to present yourself twice. Note that new / postponed exam also count as an attempt.