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Justification for and appeals against grades

Would you like to apply for a justification or appeal against a grade?

Justification for grades

For oral examinations or assessment of practical skills, a demand for such a justification must be submitted immediately after the grade has been communicated to the examinee. For other assessment, the demand for justification must be submitted within one week after the grade was announced to the examinee.

To request a justification for a grade log on to the StudentWeb under ''Results'' or ''More''. 



Appeal against grades

The appeal must be submitted in writing within three weeks after the announcement of the examination results. If a claim for justification of the grade has been raised, the time limit for appeals will run from the date when the justification is announced to the student.

The deadline for grading in the event of a complaint is three weeks from the expiry date for complaints for the exam in question. It is important to remember that the grading after a complaint is final, and it is not possible to withdraw a complaint once the grading is announced.

To appeal against a grade you log on to the StudentWeb under ''Results'' or ''More''.