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Examination schedule

The examination schedule provides an overview of all ordinary written exams to be held in the current semester.

Examination schedule for ordinary exams spring 2020

Exam schedule sorted by date Spring 2020

Exam schedule sorted alfabetically Spring 2020


When the exam date approaches you will find all the information you need  for examinations such as location, candidate number and any other important information. Please note that UiS is allowed to change the exam date up until 3 weeks before the exam. There may be a few date changes, and students are responsible for keeping themselves updated. Please check the Studentweb regularly for updates.

The ordinary exam period is held week 19-24, from Monday May 4th to Friday June 12th.

Home exams, assignments and oral exams

Examination dates for home exams and oral exams will be announced in the StudentWeb when they are determined.
Contact the administration at your department to keep track of when home exams, assignments and oral exams are held.