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Academic misconduct during examination or assessment

Rules and sanctions

In accordance with the Act of 01.04.05 no. 15 relating to universities and colleges, sections 4-7 and 4-8, academic misconduct or attempted academic misconduct, will result in the following consequences:

  • the exam/assessment will be invalid
  • the student in question will be excluded from the University of Stavanger, and he/she will be deprived of his/her right to sit for examinations at other institutions covered by the Act of 01.04.05 no.15 for a period of up to 1 year.

The following is considered academic misconduct:

  • to bring illegal assisting material in relation to examinations/assessments such as books, handwritten or printed notes, allowed material with incorporated illegal notes, mobile phones, personal organizers, not approved calculators etc. to the examination/assessment. Illegal assisting material shall be defined as any conceivable form of material that is not specifically allowed under the particular examination/assessment or evaluation.
  • to make use of or attempting to make use of the above mentioned material
  • conversation or any other form of communication between candidates during the exam
  • to copy, produce or submit work that is the subject of a previous evaluation or entirely or partially compiled by someone else without declaring the sources

Specifically, be aware that access to or use of mobile phones and/or personal organisers during the examination/assessment will be regarded as academic misconduct or attempted misconduct. This applies even if mobile phones are switched off. Mobile phones are to be placed together with bags, coats etc. at the designated area within the examination locality.


I hereby declare that all my written work submitted to the University of Stavanger

  • has not been used in other written submissons  to the University of Stavanger or other institutions in Norway or abroad
  • does not refer to work of others without citation in the text
  • does not refer to earlier work without citation in the text
  • cites all sources (including web sites) in the literature lists

I realize that infringement on these rules is to be regarded as cheating while sitting for an exam or test.