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The way in which absence during an examination is registered will have different implications for you as a student.

Valid absence
Valid absences include illness or other compelling reasons for absence. This must be documented in the form of a medical certificate or other evidence of valid absence and delivered no later than five days after the examination. Please include your studentnumber as the exam subject and send the medical certificate to

This type of absence will not be counted as an attempt.
Valid absence at the ordinary exam entitles you to register for re-examination.
If you are absent from a resit/deferred examination, you must register for the next annual examination.

No show
If you do not attend the examination at the appointed time, or do not submit an examination paper (home examination, portfolio assessment etc) by the deadline, you will be registered as ‘no show’.
This will be regarded as an attempt, and does not entitle you to register for the resit/deferred examination.