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Examinations using your own computer (BYOD)

For most examinations, students must bring their own computer. This must be a laptop with either Windows or MacOS. In addition to the computer you will need to bring a charger.

You will receive information via StudentWeb or e-mail well in advance if you need to bring your own computer to an examination.

Internet connection
You must have access to the internet during exams. How to connect your computer to the wireless network at the University of Stavanger is described here. (Opens in new window)

Secure browser and examinations (only applies to computers brought by students)
Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a secure browser to be installed if you are going to use your own computer. This program closes access resources on your computer during the exam. You can download the SEB on the Inspera assessment website. To test installation of the Secure Browser you can visit and login with your FEIDE user to conduct a demo test "Demonstration with secure browser." Enter the code uis123 when prompted.

Which browser and operating system you can use in Inspera can be found here. (Continually updated)

Do you have an old version of SEB installed? Be sure to uninstall SEB. (Only in Norwegian. Opens in new window)
If you are having a digital exam on a university computer, SEB will already be installed.


Help to setup PC
In advance of the examination period there will be held PC-workshops where you can learn more about digital examination, and where you can get help installing secure browser on your machine.

If you show up at an examination without a computer and without having applied for (and received approval) to borrow one, so you will not be allowed to sit the exam.