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Home exams

Home exams most often use file uploads. This means that you write your answer in the program you prefer and upload the final file with the answer in to INSPERA. If no other information is given, submissions should be uploaded as a PDF document.

When you submit your paper please use your regular browser. No additional installations are required. After you have uploaded the file, you can open it from Inspera to see that everything is all right. After you have submitted your exam, you will no longer have access to view the submission.

You may want to take a demo exam first, to ensure that you have understood how everything works, and to check that your computer is working properly.

To take a demo of a take-home exam please visit and login using your FEIDE.

If you wish to see your paper after submission, you can do this by going to and go to "archive". This will not be available until after the examination deadline.