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Examination day

On the exam day you should meet up at least 30 minutes before the examination starts. Bring power cable / charger if you are using your own computer.

Sit at the designated place and log onto your computer. Start a web browser (Not Safe exam browser - SEB), visit (opens in new window) and sign in with your FEIDE user. You will find the exam under "My exams”.

If the exam uses a secure browser, you should close the applications running on your computer before you start the exam. Start the exam in the Safe Exam Browser from Inspera as soon as you are ready. You will receive a pin code from the exam invigelator, either on a sheet of paper or it will be written on the board in the classroom.

Exam execution
When the exam starts the test will automatically become available. On the top right of the screen you will see a clock that counts down to the deadline for submission. BILDE

You submit your answer by clicking the ‘Submit exam’ on the last page. A menu will appear where you must confirm that you want to submit, deliver blank or return to the exam. After the examination is finished you will normally get access to see your submission by going into Your submission will be stored under Archives. If you wish to save your submission it is recommended that you store it on your PC or print it.

Read more about examination regulations here. (Opens in new window)