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Digital Exams for students

Use and implementation of digital exams in Inspera Assessment

Inspera Assessment is a service that covers many of the requirements of digital implementation of examinations in higher education. You can read more about Inspera Assessment here. (Opens in new window)

Students log in here: (opens in new window)

Username and password
To logon to digital examinations you use your standard UiS username and password (the same as for Canvas). This password must be renewed every year. Check that the username and password works well in advance before the digital examination. If you are able to logon to It’s learning, everything is all right.

If you experience problems logging on to Canvas or Inspera it is possible that your password has expired and must be changed. To change your password go to Select "Forgot password" and follow the steps as directed to reset your password

Get familiarized with the examination system
You can always logon to to take demo exams. It is recommended that you do so before you take the exam to become familiar with the different options you have.

Digital exams will be held on either computers owned by the university or student's own computers (BYOD).

If you are to bring your own computer it is important that you read the information here.

Please note that when you are no longer a student at the University of Stavanger, you will not be able to access your exam archive in INSPERA. Therefore, remember to download / copy exams that you wish to keep.