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Q&A about home exam

Digital home exams may be new to some, therefore we have prepared a Q&A for you. Below you will find answers on how to prepare, what to do if you have technical problems, how to cite your sources and how to scan with your mobile. You will also find information about what to do if you get sick or need extra time during exams.

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Will my exams autumn 2020 be held as home exams?

We must try to avoid contamination at campus, and the capacity in the examination rooms is limited. Exams that are planned as school exams may therefore be converted to home exams. The exam regulations section 1-5 pt. 1 states the following:​ 

No changes may be made to the forms of testing during the academic year. Rector does however have the authority to make these changes if this is deemed urgently needed.

This means that your faculty may change the form of exam from school exam to home exam. Contact them if you have any questions.

How do I log on to Inspera?

You log on with your UiS-username and password, use this link:

How do I prepare for a digital exam in Inspera?

It is important to check if you have the necessary equipment and that your network is functioning. You can read about digital home exam here.

How do I write the exam in Inspera?

If the exam lasts for several days, you write the exam in Word, for example. Then you convert it to a pdf-file, and hand in the paper in Inspera or Canvas by uploading the paper. You do not have to be logged on to Inspera during the whole exam, only when reading the questions and when uploading the paper.

You will find information about which system to use for each exam in Canvas or in the StudentWeb.

If the exam lasts a few hours only, you will either write the exam directly in Inspera in a text box, as you would during a digital school exam, or you write in Word and upload it to Inspera afterwards. Remember to save the text when writing in Word.

If you write the exam directly in Inspera, you hand in the paper by clicking on ‘’deliver now’’.  The text is saved automatically every 15 seconds.

The exam will automatically close for uploading when the time is up. Remember that the time given includes the time it will take you to scan and upload your documents.


What do I do if I experience technical difficulties?

You contact the person listed in the information page in the question paper.

If you have problems uploading the file, you can send it by e-mail to the contact person listed in the information page.

If you cannot reach this person, contact the examination office, or the IT department.

Examination office: / 51 83 24 05

IT department: / 51 83 30 00

Is the PC locked during the exam?

No, you have access to all programs during the exam.

How often is the text saved when writing the exam in Inspera?

Your paper is saved automatically every 15 seconds when writing the exam directly in the text box in Inspera. Yet, we recommend you to save the text in a Word document before handing it in, to ensure that you have a back-up.

Which aids are available during the exam?

All aids are available, but remember that your work is supposed to be independent, and all papers will be checked for plagiarism.

Do I have to use references in my paper?

If the home exam lasts several days you must cite your sources.
If the home exam lasts a few hours only, you are not expected to cite your sources, except for direct quotes. If you are not given exact instructions for citing sources in the information page, it is sufficient that you write it like this: Tom Olsen, 2019 p. 45.

All papers will be checked for plagiarism. It is considered cheating/plagiarism if you do not cite your sources in papers where the exam lasts for several days. Check this page for help with referencing.

How can you check if someone is cheating on a test?

The questions in a home exam will be different from a school exam. All papers are checked for plagiarism.

Can I get extra time during a home exam?

The deadline for applying for special arrangements during exams is 01. September for the autumn semester and 01. February for the spring semester. 

If you already have applied and been granted extra time during school exams, you will be granted this extra time during home exams. This applies to home exams that lasts up until 48 hours.

If you need additional extra time during home exams that lasts for more than 48 hours send your application via the Digital Student Service Desk, using the application form called ‘’Application regarding extension of submission date for home-exam, bachelor- or master’s thesis’’. Remember that you must document why you need additional time.

Can I withdraw from an exam before the exam date?

The deadline for withdrawing from an ordinary exam is 14 days before the exam date. Contact the administration at your faculty if you need help to withdraw. Please note that if you withdraw from an exam (before the exam) you do not have the right to register for the re-sit exam. To have the right to register for the re-sit exam you need to withdraw during the exam.

How do I withdraw during the exam in Inspera?

When the exam has started, you choose the option called ‘’Submit blank’’. If you withdraw during the exam you have the right to register for the re-sit exam. The registration deadline is 01. August for exams held in the spring semester, and 20. January for exams held in the autumn semester. You register for the exam in the StudentWeb.

What do I do if I get sick during the exam?

You can apply for valid absence and submit documentation in the Digital Student Service Desk. The deadline is 5 working days after the exam date. If you are granted valid absence, you can register in the StudentWeb for the re-sit exam. 

When do I get my examination results?

The results will be announced in the StudentWeb within 3 weeks from the examination date. 

How do I scan using a mobile phone?

The paper is usually handed in as a pdf file. You can choose to write the paper in for example Word, LaTeX, Pages, LibreOffice, or other. You can also write on blank sheets and eventually scan it, and hand it in as a pdf file.

There are numerous programs/apps you can install on your cell phone (both Android and iPhone). Several are free or have a free lite version. Choose one you find generates a satisfactory result and that is easy to use.


Office Lens


For free (recommended)



For free, maximum 10 pages

Cam Scanner







  1. Put your answer sheets flat on a well-lit surface (preferably with light from the side), e.g. the floor. 
  2. Hold the cell directly over the sheets and fill the screen as much as possible.
  3. Use the cut-tool to remove any background and adjust the perspective.
  4. Adjust contrast and lightning to make sure the text is readable. If a pencil does not give you the necessary contrast, use a pen. Remember, you must ensure that the text is readable.
  5. Most scanning programs have filters to increase readability.
  6. Repeat for each sheet.
  7. Save as a multiple page PDF.

You can transfer your file to your computer by transferring it to yourself using Bluetooth, your cloud, Wi-Fi or email and then uploading it to Inspera. Alternatively, you can log on to Inspera with your phone and upload your file directly. If you save your file to your phone, make sure you know where on your phone it is saved as you will have to find it to be able to upload it to Inspera.

When you log on to Inspera you will be able to access a demo test. Choose the Demo Home Exam.

During the exam, you will find your exam under “Mine Prøver” or “My tests”.