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Limited reopening of UiS from April 27

The Norwegian government has decided that as a main rule, students and staff must continue to work from home. UiS buildings will however be opened for a small group of students, PhD candidates, postdocs and employees as of April 27.

What does this imply for students and staff at UiS?

For the UiS, the government’s decision of April 7 means that there will be no change in the policy regarding working from home, and that teaching and assessment (examinations) will mainly be carried out digitally for this spring semester. 

As of April 27, access may be granted to students and staff in recruitment positions who are set to complete their training, degree or research work in the spring of 2020. This is limited to students and staff in the disciplines of music and performing arts, media and design, science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as health sciences and who need access to training facilities and labs. In addition, employees who play an essential role in enabling the people mentioned above, may be allowed to be physically present on campus.

The students and staff to whom the new access restrictions apply have either already been informed of this by their faculty or will be informed before Friday April 24 this week.

Everyone who is entering UiS buildings must familiarise themselves with the rules for preventing virus transmission available on posters throughout campuses and at

Please note that access to UiS campuses is strictly prohibited for students and staff who experience respiratory symptoms - cough, sore throat, fever etc., or who suspect/have been diagnosed with covid-19.

Students and staff must keep themselves updated on coronavirus information on our websites. Students must also check Canvas regularly for changes in teaching methods and assessment/exam forms.