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Information to students at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Below you will find information regarding the consequences following the corona outbreak for students at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Here you will find information for students at the Faculty of Science and Technology about the following:  

  • Writing and handing in your bachelor’s or master’s thesis  

  • Teaching and lectures 

  • Exams  

  • Exchange  

Information to you who are writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis 

It is important to remember that all students writing their thesis now is in the same situation. You are all confined to continuing your work from home with all the disadvantages this entails. How much this will affect you, will differ from thesis to thesis. For those of you who are programming or doing literature reviews, this will affect your work to a smaller extent than for you who are dependent on labs, software of equipment only available at campus. For the latter of you, the work will now be coming to a halt on these aspects of the thesis. It is important to plan with your supervisor about how to use this time most wisely. Several parts of a thesis can be written before the lab results can be presented, for instance the introduction.  

It is very uncertain when we will be allowed to grant student access to campus again. This means that we do not know when you can resume your thesis work. This will especially affect those of you dependent on the university’s facilities and we do not know when you can resume your work. All students will have to plan together with their supervisor for how they can compete the thesis even with limited time to the university equipment. One possibility can be to extend the theory chapter of the thesis.  

Together with the skilled faculty members at the Faculty of Science and Technology, you will find a solution.  

We encourage you all to try to meet the deadline, but we realize that this is not possible for all of you. For the latter of you, it is possible to apply for a deferral of the submission deadline. This is done with support from your supervisor, but you must apply yourself. All applications are to be submitted through the digital student service desk, before two weeks before the submission deadline, see also Rules and regulations for bachelor’s and master’s thesis 

We will inform you that a deferral of submission deadline also will lead to a deferral of the grading deadline and potentially a delay in the issuing of the diploma. The deadline is 6 weeks for bachelor’s thesis and 12 weeks for the master’s thesis.  

Information about teaching and lectures 

We hope you are settling with the situation and found the lectures in your courses. If anything remains unclear, keep track with the course on Canvas. Some courses have self-learning, others are streaming the lectures and publishing them on Canvas, while others have online lectures by Skype. Our lecturers have been creative and have found a solution that works for them and their course. 

Information about the exams 

The Faculty of Science and Technology is working as best they can to rework our exams. The Faculty has many school exams with a lot of students and many mid term exams. In addition, we have many courses that are a part of many study programs. Reworking the plan is a considerable amount of work and cannot be done in a hasty manner.  

Please note that the exams dates themselves will not be changed, just the exam form. We thank all our students that are patiently waiting for us to make a plan that is thorough and quality controlled. Please keep yourself updated on Canvas and Studentweb 

If you need a transcript, we advise you to order this on Studentweb under the tab “orders”.  

Information about exchange 

We are receiving many questions from student that were asked to return to Norway and students planning to go on an exchange in the fall semester.  

For students that were asked to return to Norway 

Students that that have just returned to Norway have an opportunity to register for exams after the deadline if they wish to do so. Contact your study coordinator if you find that you wish to sit for the exam in one or more courses.  

Students planning to go on an exchange:  

We hope that you understand that we still do not have answers to whether exchanges during the fall semester will be possible. We do not know how the corona virus pandemic will develop in Norway nor in other countries or how these countries will respond. There are new times for us all and we must make the best of it and wait and see what happens. Now is not the time to make big plans.  

We hope you take care of and support each other and do not listen to rumors. if you have any questions or concerns, contact your thesis supervisor or your study coordinator for guidance.  


Sincerely yours,  

Øystein Lund BĂž  

Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology