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Hygiene measures during examination

Are you registered for a school exam on campus this autumn, and are worried about Corona? We have taken the necessary measures to make it safe for you to sit for exams at the university.


The desks in the examination rooms are placed at least 1 meter apart.

The invigilators must keep a distance of 1 meter from the students, and likewise students must keep a distance of 1 meter from each other. Be aware that in some cases you may have to go out into the hallway if you have questions for the invigilator, since it can be difficult to hear each other at a distance of 1 meter when speaking in a low voice.


Hand disinfectant

Hand disinfectant is placed by the entrance of the examination rooms, inside the rooms and in the restrooms. Students and invigilators must use hand disinfectant upon arrival, after washing your hands in the restroom, when you leave, and otherwise when needed. If desired, you can bring your own hand disinfectant and keep it on your desk.


Face masks

It is not mandatory for students or invigilators to wear face masks or use disposable gloves, but the invigilators may use it when needed. If you find it necessary, you may use a face mask during the exam. You must bring your own face mask.



If you need help with your laptop, the IT-help must use disinfectant on their hands before they help you, and clean the keyboard with disinfectant when they are done. The IT-help must use hand disinfectant before helping the next student.

Equipment for loan, such as laptops, chargers, pens or other, are cleaned after use.

Desks, chairs, door handles and restrooms will be cleaned daily.


In case of illness

If you are ill and have respiratory problems or fever, you cannot take exams on campus. You will be sent home from the exam if you show symptoms of this. If you have respiratory problems due to allergies, you can report to the examination office in advance of the examination. We will inform the invigilators, and you will not be sent home.



Contact the examination office by e-mail or tel. 51 83 24 05 if you have any questions.