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A new semester at the UiS

The week to mark the beginning of the new semester starts Monday 10 August, and this year we will be welcoming over 4000 new students to the University of Stavanger.

semester startup ceremony on stage From the 2019 semester startup ceremony. This year's ceremony will be taking place online, but with the same kind of energy and enthusiasm.

The purpose of the semester startup week and the buddy programme Fadder is to give students a chance to settle in both socially and academically. The events this week offer plenty of opportunities for new students to meet and hang out with other students, both at various locations on campus and in and around the city of Stavanger.

New students at UiS will be properly greeted with a combination of real-life and online meetings. Physical gatherings will be carried out in keeping with national covid-19 prevention guidelines at all times.

Digital opening ceremony

The official opening ceremony, which usually draws a crowd of about 2000, will be conducted digitally this year. The event will be made available on and Facebook Monday August 10 at noon.

Both the semester start programme and teaching arrangements in August are subject to changes, depending on the infection situation and other related circumstances. The UiS is therefore unable at this point to say with any certainty how the start of the autumn semester will be. We will be monitoring the situation closely and make adjustments accordingly.

Teaching in the autumn semester

A special committee at the UiS is currently looking into the consequences of the pandemic situation for the university in terms of teaching and other activities in the upcoming autumn semester. For the autumn semester 2020 we are planning for a mixture of remote and campus-based teaching. The committee will present its recommendations by June 15.

Exchanges and international students

The pandemic situation is unpredictable, and the consequences for teaching and opportunities for travelling are highly uncertain. The UiS emergency response management has therefore decided to cancel all student exchange in the autumn semester 2020.

UiS will be accepting international master's degree students in the autumn 2020. Remote teaching arrangements will be set up for these students until they are able to come to Norway.