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Spire is an environmental and development organization working towards a just and sustainable world. We want to see more complex perspectives of connections and change the fundamental reasons why injustice occurs.

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In Spire we are aware of the fact, that we as a society, with the values and life style we adopted, learned and  represent, are destroying the structures and systems, that support our basic needs and livelihoods. Therefore we want to change, we want to learn to do things differently. We are aware of the fact that there are many little things each of us can do within our own life to make a change, but there are also huge global issues that require action on national political level which is only possible by changing public opinion and attitude.

In the local chapter we are working to influence politicians, arranging demonstrations, swap parties, movie nights, beach cleanings and so on.

Feeling interested? You are welcome to join us in the fight for justice and Climate change.

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