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Naturvernstudentene (NiS)

Naturvernstudentene in Stavanger (also called Green Friends Stavanger) is a fusion between Natur og Ungdom (NU) and Naturvernforbundet (NNV).

Logo Naturvernstudentene

We are a student chapter and are considered a local chapter of both NU and NNV. This gives us rights and responsibilities with both organizations, which also means that we do not have an upper age limit. We wish all students a warm welcome.

Together we work to limit the man-made climate change and to preserve biodiversity. We take up the fight with the big polluters and stop those who would destroy our nature. We work with a wide range of issues within nature conservation, transport, energy, climate and agriculture -and fisheries policy. We focus mostly on public transport, sustainable food and energy as well as to keep the Norwegian fjords free of mining waste.

So why should you join us? Well, because there are tasks more urgent than curriculum. For example, to stop greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity..

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