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Velferdstinget in Stavanger is the main student-political organization, concerned with the welfare of students with affiliation to Studentsamskipsnaden i Stavanger (SiS).

Velferdstinget grants funds to student organizations on an annual basis. In total Velferdstinget distributes approximately 2 million NOK each year. The purpose of these grants is to promote the social and cultural offers for students in the region. All types of student organizations may apply.

Velferdstinget consists of following institutions:

  • Universitetet i Stavanger
  • VID Stavanger
  • BI Stavanger
  • Kunstskolen I Rogaland
  • Folkeuniversitetet
  • Norsk Gestaltinstitutt
  • VID Sandnes
  • Noroff

Velferdstinget represents approximately 13 000 students in Stavanger and Sandnes, distributed on different institutions.