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JUFO, is the student union for the law students at UiS. The organization aims to strengthen the law stundents’ social and academical environment.

JuFo logo

JUFO’s perhaps most important task each year is to welcome the new students, starting with an unforgettable
fadder-week, where the new students bond with each other and become a part of our established community.

JUFO also arranges a range of fun events like exam parties, new years’ ball, paintballing and beer tasting throughout the year.

JUFO is also an important contributor to the students’ academical situation and functions as the students’
gateway to the business world. Among other events, JUFO arranges a career night each year, where the students are
given an excellent opportunity to meet potential employers.

JUFO also makes sure to arrange academical events like guest lecturers and we also make model exam answers
available to the students.