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The Student Organisation at UiS - StOr

As a student at UiS you are automatically a member of the student organisation StOr. StOr is a politically independent interest organisation for students at the University of Stavanger.

StOr 2018/2019 From left: Vice president of learning environment Joachim Børlie, Vice president of education Una Ruzic and President Cathrine Johanne Sønvinsen.

StOr is also the umbrella organisation for all student organisations and associations at UiS.This means that StOr is responsible for facilitating an active student environment that promotes student welfare, social and cultural interests as well as academic needs.

Today there are close to 70 student organizations and associations at UiS and we encourage you to start new organisations. StOr safeguards student’s democratic, academic and social needs and rights through positive student involvement and work.

This is done in part through the Fadder festival and organizing to student political work and through the
election of student representatives to boards, councils and committees at UiS.


Engaged is a forum where all student organisations og associations at UiS meet. StOr uses this forum as an arena for communication between itself and the organisations.

In addition StOr has a student representative forum for all student representatives in boards, councils and committees at UiS. The engaged forum have meetings every 4-6 weeks.

We hope you get a great time as a student at our University!