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Tappetårnet - the student bar

Ever since Tappetårnet was founded by former students in 2011, the bar has functioned as a social meeting place for all students in Stavanger.

Studentenes hus, campus Ullandhaug

We’re open every Thursday from 5 p.m. and it’s a full house almost every time. On top of our weekly Thursdays,
we also plan and host big events, such as “Husfesten” and Octoberfest.

Student associations are also free to contact us if they wish to use our space to host social gatherings, such as quizzes or lectures. Tappetårnet is run by and for students.

As of today, we consist of about 40 volunteers. The volunteers are challenged with different tasks, but most of all the goal is to have a fun and provide a cheerful and including environment both on and off the clock.

Our bar is known for its great atmosphere, friendly people, and our studentfriendly prices. Whatever profit we make goes to fund a trip for all the volunteers who work at the bar.