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Amnesty UiS

Engagement, whether it is a lot or little, in the world’s biggest human rights organization during your student years is both useful, social and valuable when approaching the job market after your studies.

Amnesty UiS, stand pĂĄ Ă…pen dag

As a member of Amnesty’s student network, you will learn more about human rights in practice, obtain organization experience and make new friends.

Amnesty UiS is a part of a movement that fights for freedom of expression, against discrimination and abuse. We act for individuals in danger, and create lasting change. We promote ourselves through petitions and do informational work, arrange lectures, movie-nights and assist our regional office with human rights work.

In the spring semester we arrange Human rights week, and need help from engaged students. Please get in touch to learn more about us! We achieve results when many take injustices personally!

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