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FOLKEN - Student society and cultural venue in Stavanger. Concerts, theatre, quiz? Beer, wine, coffee? Maybe you’ll have the live experience of your life at Folken.

Folken, concert.

Attend an amazing party in Grottene. Or play a peaceful game of chess in the café.

Folken is one of the most important live venues in the Stavanger city since 1988. The café is open from Monday until Saturday and concerts or other events are never far apart.

It is also a hang out for the students in Stavanger and the student organizations do not pay rent to use the space for student related activities, talks and parties.

Get in touch with Folken by phone during office hours or by e-mail and we’ll happily tell you how it works!


Different groups of volunteers take care of important aspects of Folken’s daily life. During shows, at the quizzes, bartending and technical assistance. It’s a great way to meet and make new friends in Stavanger!

If you want to know more about volunteering at Folken send us an e-mail to
Hope to see you soon!