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Fadder is responsible for the startup week at the University in Stavanger.

Fadder Festival 2016

For Fadder it is important that new students get established on another arena than just the class room at the start of the year. Through Fadder it is easier to step out of the comfort zone and get to know new people. Fadder is focused on making a wide offer of activities so as many students as possible choose to participate.

Fadders vision is that all students at UiS feels welcome and included. This is done through the Fadder festival.
The festival takes place on campus and lasts one week from the semester start. The goal of the Fadder arrangement is to help new students to get settled soically and academically at campus.

During the week values like relation building, wellbeing and unity are emphasized. At UiS, the Fadder board together with student associations offer concerts with reknown artists, events with different themes and much more!

We guarantee friendship!