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Mars Institute Student Chapter is a student organization for everyone interested in space exploration at the University of Stavanger.

MISC Ă…pen dag UiS

For the last few years, several students from UiS have gotten the opportunity to experience an internship at the NASA Ames Research Center in San Fransisco, organized by the Mars Institute.

MISC has also developed an interdisciplinary project where students with different specializations will work together and build a fully functioning, remotely controlled, Mars Rover. The Rover project, which will be run in collaboration with the Mars Institute at NASA, will create opportunities for Bachelor thesis’ as well as giving the students valuable handson experience. Our vision is that this project will allow students at UiS to be part of an innovative and future-oriented aerospace industry. 

MISC also organizes academic talks with lecturers from the industry and the university, and works towards promoting science among students.

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