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Børsklubben UiS

Børsklubben UiS is a student organization for students with an interest in finance. The organization is constantly working to create and develop a social arena for students with common interest in finance.

Børsklubben logo UiS

Børsklubben goals are:

  • Create interest and convey knowledge around stock exchange and finance.
  • Secure a solid learning arena for these matters.
  • Create a social arena for finance interested students.

Børsklubben UiS is constantly working to create engagement and to make it easier for “the regular student” to see the opportunities the market provides. To do so, we will hold basic-‐ courses about the stock market in collaboration with the financial sector. In addition to this, we have established an investment company to promote “learning by doing”.
The students are given the opportunity to learn analysing stocks, conclude and invest real money.

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