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UiS Learning Environment Committee

The Learning Environment Committee (LEC) is appointed by the University Board. The LEC addresses the environment that the content of the studies is offered within. This encompasses the physical, the digital, the psycho-social, the organisational and the pedagogical learning environment. The LEC shall contribute to the adherence to and compliance with regulations regarding the learning environment that is given in the Norwegian act «Lov om universiteter og høgskoler» (a Norwegian universities and colleges act often referred to as the UHL).

The Learning Environment Committee is the university's primary body in questions regarding the learning environment, and it constitutes the 'læringsmiljøutvalg' as required by Norwegian law (UHL). The committee primarily concerns itself with the environment in which the contents of the study programmes are delivered. The committee shall contribute to the demands, requirements and goals regarding the physical, the digital, the psycho-social, the organisational and the pedagogical learning environment being adhered to and achieved. This committee's responsibilities for the environment surrounding the study content thereby connects closely to the Educational Committee's (EC's) responsibility for the study content and structure (including relevance). Seen together, these two comittees amounts to what NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) often refers to as the insitution's LOKUT (the universities' local bodies for quality assurance in education).

The Learning Environment Committee and the Educational Committee coordinate their work closely and continually. The two committees usually have their committee meetings on the same day and the same meeting location (physically as well as on Teams). Many of the issues will be handled as common issues where both committees take part in the discussions, usually ending with both committees reaching identical or similar decisions.

The University of Stavanger is a company of the Norwegian State. The administrative language used by such companies must be one or both of the official administrative languages in Norway (these two languages being Norwegian and Sami). To be in compliance, Norwegian is the administrative language used by the University of Stavanger and thus by the Learning Environment Committe. However, some of the support systems we use are available in English as well. One example is the university's Educational Quality System.

UiS utilizes the OpenGov-platform for information regarding the compositions,  meetings and issues of university boards, councils and committees. The Learning Environment Committee has its own homepage on the OpenGov platform. (Norwegian only)
Mandate and composition of the UiS Learning Environment Committee was ble determined by the Board in Board Issue no. US 115/15, in force from 2016-01-01. The mandate of the Learning Environment Committee is coordinated closely with that of the Educational Committee. (Norwegian only)
What is being done regarding the quality of the physical, digital, organisational, psycho-social and pedagogical learning environment in courses, in study programmes, and at study portfolio level? Check out our new quality system for education! (English and Norwegian)