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Learning environment and quality of education

The University of Stavanger would like you to enjoy your time as a student and get the most out of your education. Your opinion about how we are doing is important to us.

Our goal is to provide research-based education that is of a high international standard with a learning outcome that meets the needs of the students, the labour market and society. The students should gain an insight into research processes. Teaching should be varied and adapted to the subject, learning outcome, and the current and future generation of students. The education we provide should have an international focus. We should have a good learning environment with a universal design, be renowned for good student service and have our students actively contribute.

To develop the quality of our study programmes and achieve our goals, we require feedback and the participation of the students.

You can assist with this in many ways:

  • You can be a student representative on boards and committees.
  • You can participate in student evaluations and surveys.
  • Or you can contact UiS directly. If there is anything in particular that you wish to criticise about the teaching, the way you were treated as a student or your learning environment, there are several ways to inform us of this.