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Scantron exam

Scantron is a partially digital where parts of the exam are handwritten and scanned into Inspera.

Scantron is the scanner that is used to scan your exam. When you have a scantron exam you will be given out special paper to use during the exam. These handwritten papers are then scanned into the digital exam system, Inspera.

Instructions of how to have a scantron exam, as well as the scantron papers will be handed out by the exam supervisor on the day of your exam.

Each exam question has a unique code in the lower right corner in Inspera. You need to enter this code on the table in the top left corner of the scantron sheet. You may use black or blue ink to mark the unique code. DO NOT use a pencil for this. Don't leave any of the columns empty.

It is only possible to have one exam question on each sheet. You may use several sheets for one task, but you may never have more than one exam question on each sheet.