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Tax card and employment contract

tax card illustration

Tax card

When you start working, you must order a tax deduction card or exemption card. If you earn more than NOK 55,000, you need to order a tax deduction card. If you earn NOK 55,000 or less during the year, you can order an exemption card. Your employer retrieves your tax deduction/exemption card after you have ordered it. 

Order at The Norwegian Tax Administration

Tax withheld by your employer is offset against the final tax assessed in the year following the income year. The tax card is personal and cannot be used by others. 

Contact information

Employment contract

When you get a job, both you and your employer must sign an employment contract. In the contract, your employer must write what your work will involve, how much you will be paid, the gours, and the rules that will apply for termination of your contract.