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Work permit

illustration photo work permit

Part-time work for students from countries outside EU/EEA

As a student at a recognized institution at university level in Norway, you are normally granted a part-time work permit with the first time-residence permit. This permit allows you to work up to 20 hours a week and full-time employment during ordinary holidays. When applying for a renewal of the student permit you need to encluse a statement from your educational provider that the work is not considered interfering with your studies. 

NB: Separate rules apply for citizens of EU/EEA countries. 

What are the requirements for renewal?

A part-time work permit has the same duration as the study permit. When you apply for a renewal of the residence permit, the work permit is not automatically renewed. 

For more information, visit the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. 

Phone number: (+47) 23 35 16 00